WIP – 301217

I found a bit of time this evening to get into the studio and actually start a few things off. Nothing to serious, as I had a bit of prepping to do of the Canvas’ that I found and were brought for Christmas.


I’ve not always been sure on how to get texture onto my canvas, even though I have tried a few things, nothing seems to have worked for my yet. So when I read about something called Gesso in The Artist Unique the other day I thought I should try it out – it might be the obvious choice to other artists but if you don’t know, then you don’t know.

So this evening was mostly spent splatting it onto the boards and canvas that I had and seeing how it turns out!


On my search I also remembered this board; which previously had a layer of blue and yellow on it with some small stones from the seaside; but it was this particular failed experiment that had me lamenting and cursing art! So I was more than happy to layer Gesso over it, mixing it with some PVA glue to see what would happen and rather then feeling like I need to have a good cry, I am excited to see how it turns out and what I can do with it.


The last of my WIP’s to share is this one; which has been a bit of a tricky customer too. I found a snapped bike-chain down the street earlier in the year and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for something.

I’ve been struggling since trying to get it to stick properly on the board, so tonight I smothered the surrounds in PVA glue in the hopes that it’ll finally hold!

My plans are then to use more Gesso (which I feel a bit obsessed with now that I’ve found it) around the rest of the board and see where it takes me.

Also tonight I sorted out my paints into two boxes; one for my ‘Primary Palette’ and the other with my ‘I’ll use these once in a blue moon’ paint box. Building up on the idea of having my own personal colours that I touched on here.



As per the suggestion in The Artist Unique, I took a trip today to the local DIY store and swiped a heap of colour swatches that stood out to me. I am rather surprised by some of the results because I noticed that there is a colour that is quite obviously missing from my selection – not a colour that I have always found myself particularly fond of I must admit – but I am surprised I didn’t pick anything up with it on. (By the way, it’s green) especially with having expressed my desire to paint more with an influence of nature; maybe that’s not the avenue for me after all?

Maybe that’s just a contrived way of thinking that’s what I should be painting about rather than actually feeling it? Having said that, I did get a lot of enjoyment going out and finding objects to use in my paintings while walking and had a leaning towards natural objects – leaves, sticks and flowers – so maybe that’s where the nature aspect should come from rather than the colours?

I don’t know. Is this exercise meant to limit me initially, find a part of my personal, creative style, that I can then expand upon later? I’m not sure, so I may have to go back and do a bit more reading on what the real point of this was; maybe I missed something big and important about it somewhere.

But I got a little sketch book to paste these swatches into as well as some other colour images. No point in over thinking it all now that I have started. If nothing else, it’ll be a good sketchbook to look back on in a few weeks or months time and see how I have developed just from this first step. I am just glad that I am feeling a bit of a buzz to be doing something artistic again and not just facing the drudge of every-day drawing.

A return to my path

I’ll be completely honest with you.

I strayed so far from my artistic journey and path, I don’t even know where I went; only that it led me back to that horrible mixture of feelings that I wanted so much to avoid. That feeling of hating everything I did and that what I was creating wasn’t worth my or anyone elses time, but it got me enough attention to feel some sort of gratification for it; so I kept on doing it. But I know it wasn’t my calling, just something I had done for so long that it was easier to slip back into doing, rather than feeling something moving deep within my core – which is something that I feel art should be. You should be moved by what you create, rather than have cheap emotions of swifts satisfaction.

I feel a deep connection to some of my paintings as they’re far more personal than a quick sketch of digital image of an anthro character (which is what I always resort too and always feel hollow doing)

I took a small internet break before Christmas and this is something that came out while I wasn’t just ‘keeping myself distracted.’

I feel like I lost a part of myself to the strangeness of the internet and several social media sites that I promised myself I would give up and “never again return too.”

I think in journeys it’s fine to have a relapse into old, bad habits as long as we become aware of them and do something about them. Especially when on a journey of self discovery – like I am here. I do feel bad that it took me so long to realise that I was on a very wrong path though, as I feel it has done a lot of harm to people close to me. (I don’t want to dwell on it too much, just repair, recover and move on.)

I’ve already started putting myself back on the right path however, the path that feels a lot more exciting; already I am eager to start painting and creating again.

I brought myself a few books for inspiration for re-finding and redefining my creative path, they were just from The Works. So they probably won’t be the most profound pieces of literature out there, but I think if they spark off some desire to create then they’ve done their job.


The first book being ‘The Artist Unique’ Which I am looking forward to reading a bit more of. Especially if it’ll do as promised – help me find my own creative signature; as I feel that what is really lacking in my artwork is me. My thoughts. My personality. My real influence. So, if this book can set me on the path to really helping me to discover who I am and how to bring that out in my creativity, I’ll be really indebted.

I’ve only read a few pages so far, but I like early ideas in finding out about my creative signature. Collecting images and colour swatches that resonate with me; it’d be interesting to see if I am using colours that ‘speak’ to me in my paintings already. So I’ll have to take a trip to Homebase and see what I can find.

It looks like my initial hesitations and fears about returning to this blog after a 6 month side-track we’re unfounded!