Miniature Abstract


Hello everyone.

It’s been a little while since I checked in, so thought I would share this little canvas with you all.

I was brought four really small canvas’ this Christmas and it’s nice to have been able to finish one off.

It looks a little messier than I was hoping, but I think that’s because of the challenge that painting at such a small scale presents.

I’ve a few more in the works already though and I am looking to see how i can improve from this one in making them look a lot cleaner and more controlled than this. One of them, I like as it is, so might just add a signature ‘dribble’ and my signature to it and call that one done – so expect another update soon.



A lot of WIP

I spent this morning in the studio while listening to VNV Nation – I find that VNV Nation as a group speak to me above all else. They help everything to make sense and with their help, I feel that I can sort out and express some of my more difficult feelings.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to get these more raw emotions that cause me to overthink everything out of my head and into the canvas. Yet, I am always filled with hope, hope that the emotions change and what causes me the pain will get better.

I wanted to share the picture of my canvases above, to show, when I am inspired and everything is working, how much I have on the go at once. I feel that when I get into the right frame of mind, I need to hold into it and do as much as I can before it fleets away again.




Above is an underpainting that I plan on using soon to do something similar to another image I created, because I feel that this was one of my more successful paintings and a part of my journey is looking back over what worked for me and I feel like the black, beige and red did. Repeating


old steps feels like a positive way of affirming if something is ‘me’ or not. So I am looking forward to cracking on with everything that I have going on at the moment. I’ve also finished a picture today and I’ll share that with you as soon as I’ve been able to photograph it properly.


WIP – 060118


I had this small canvas sitting about the house for a while now; originally it has something else painted on it which was an experiment that went wrong – I was attempting something that wasn’t ‘me’ on the canvas originally and as such I got into a bit of a negative spiral with it and put it on the shelf for a good few months and didn’t go anywhere near it.

I plucked up the courage to paint over that I had originally done with Gesso and start over again – what I did like was how the small stones and the Gesso worked together, giving a great under texture for me to paint over.

Using the colours I originally had in mind, I thought of a different approach to what I was originally trying to achieve. This time I am a lot happier with how things are progressing. Which just goes to show even our ‘lost causes’ might not be as lost as we thought they were.

Bike Chain Update


I just wanted to show an update on one of my bigger paintings that I have going on.

My first showing of this image was purely a bike-chain on a piece of wood and me expressing my woes on being unable to get the chain to properly stick to the wooden surface correctly. I think in part this was due to my own stubbornness in cleaning the chain before I use it; but I would like to get some of the dirt and grease that’s been left on the chain into the painting too – I’m not really sure why!

I am happy to report, smothering the wood and chain surrounds in PVA glue worked a treat and I have little worries that the chain will be falling off (again) any time soon!

Today I managed to get the rest of the wood covered in Gesso for some texture and I shall be starting the painting in the near future – so all is good going so far. As always, I am looking forward to doing a bit more work on the painting and seeing what happens next.


WIP – 040118

I managed to get a bit of time in the studio today, which was great as I’ve not been able to get up there to check on how things dried after my last update, let alone to do any painting! I don’t know where the time goes!?

These are four really small canvas’ that I was brought as a present for Christmas. I’ve painted some backgrounds on them and am looking forward to playing with them some more. I think that’s the key point at the moment in finding my creative signature; playing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. There is only so much ‘prep-work’ that can be done without just delving in and seeing what happens, right?


Which is where this canvas comes in! I saw this in Hobbycraft the other day and instantly had the basic forming of an idea for it – I am nowhere near my vision yet, but it’s a start! It’s also fun working on such a different shaped canvas. I am just hoping that I can pull off my idea without getting disheartened part way through – which is something that seems to happen a bit with me; maybe because I’ve not been at this style of art that long. I get to a certain point where everything seems to look a lot worse (to me) than when I first started, so I feel like giving up and a whole wave of “What’s the point?” comes over me. It’s a feeling and thought process that I am trying to overcome as over-thinking it generally damaging to the creative process. Does anyone have any thoughts on this particular topic in the context of artwork?

2017 Art Summary

2017 Summary of Art
I think a part of moving on from what I’d been doing in 2017 art wise is saying goodbye to where I was.

As you can see I was mostly doing Character based Illustrations and Anthropomorphic artworks; as well as a bit of Space Marine fan art. While I can see merit and ‘talent’ in these sorts of artworks since having a bit of an internet break at the end of the year, I’d really like to try my hardest to move away from this sort of work.
Whenever I talk about artwork with people I always feel utterly embarrassed that I draw ‘animal people.’ I have found it really difficult to keep inspired with a lot of this work as well, due to the amount of drama that surrounds it and makes it feel really draining.
I think my real aim for 2018 are to see myself as a credible artist not just some average hobbiest that draws furry people. Looking back over 2017, July was the month where I felt most ‘alive’ with my art and not just going through the daily motions of sketching and sitting in front of my PC colouring in. Going around looking at different ‘found objects’ and seeing if I could use them in my artwork somehow.
It’s not an easy decision for my to make however, because I have known some wonderful people through my character drawings; so I do feel sad that I am having to let go of all the positives, but seeing as the character art feels like it is shackling me to the internet and I feel that now, it’s finally time to let it be and grow beyond it – so after this post goes out, I think I’ll be deleting my other places I have inhabited, why not break free from it all in the new year?
New year.
New beginnings.