17264532_1317970324948948_7599040708088108791_nHi everyone.

My name is Jenn, I have tried running several blogs before, but I’ve always found myself coming a bit unstuck with them. Mostly because they have had to much of a focus on one particular thing (Of they are far to varied that I lose track of them!) either way I just couldn’t keep inspired with them.

I started this blog because I wrote a really upsetting tweet over on twitter and I wanted to do something about it!


Art has always played a big part in my life – something that I always loved and adored doing and seeing. But somewhere along the line; I didn’t have that feeling any more. I didn’t love what I was doing in the world of art, either.

So, I gave myself something of a bit of a ‘do over’ and am trying to keep myself busy with new artistic adventures and discoveries; all the while documenting what I do on here. It’s pretty basic in blogging terms, but it is my personal record of my artistic journey. My, art enlightenment.