A lot of WIP

I spent this morning in the studio while listening to VNV Nation – I find that VNV Nation as a group speak to me above all else. They help everything to make sense and with their help, I feel that I can sort out and express some of my more difficult feelings.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to get these more raw emotions that cause me to overthink everything out of my head and into the canvas. Yet, I am always filled with hope, hope that the emotions change and what causes me the pain will get better.

I wanted to share the picture of my canvases above, to show, when I am inspired and everything is working, how much I have on the go at once. I feel that when I get into the right frame of mind, I need to hold into it and do as much as I can before it fleets away again.




Above is an underpainting that I plan on using soon to do something similar to another image I created, because I feel that this was one of my more successful paintings and a part of my journey is looking back over what worked for me and I feel like the black, beige and red did. Repeating


old steps feels like a positive way of affirming if something is ‘me’ or not. So I am looking forward to cracking on with everything that I have going on at the moment. I’ve also finished a picture today and I’ll share that with you as soon as I’ve been able to photograph it properly.


WIP – 060118


I had this small canvas sitting about the house for a while now; originally it has something else painted on it which was an experiment that went wrong – I was attempting something that wasn’t ‘me’ on the canvas originally and as such I got into a bit of a negative spiral with it and put it on the shelf for a good few months and didn’t go anywhere near it.

I plucked up the courage to paint over that I had originally done with Gesso and start over again – what I did like was how the small stones and the Gesso worked together, giving a great under texture for me to paint over.

Using the colours I originally had in mind, I thought of a different approach to what I was originally trying to achieve. This time I am a lot happier with how things are progressing. Which just goes to show even our ‘lost causes’ might not be as lost as we thought they were.

WIP – 040118

I managed to get a bit of time in the studio today, which was great as I’ve not been able to get up there to check on how things dried after my last update, let alone to do any painting! I don’t know where the time goes!?

These are four really small canvas’ that I was brought as a present for Christmas. I’ve painted some backgrounds on them and am looking forward to playing with them some more. I think that’s the key point at the moment in finding my creative signature; playing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. There is only so much ‘prep-work’ that can be done without just delving in and seeing what happens, right?


Which is where this canvas comes in! I saw this in Hobbycraft the other day and instantly had the basic forming of an idea for it – I am nowhere near my vision yet, but it’s a start! It’s also fun working on such a different shaped canvas. I am just hoping that I can pull off my idea without getting disheartened part way through – which is something that seems to happen a bit with me; maybe because I’ve not been at this style of art that long. I get to a certain point where everything seems to look a lot worse (to me) than when I first started, so I feel like giving up and a whole wave of “What’s the point?” comes over me. It’s a feeling and thought process that I am trying to overcome as over-thinking it generally damaging to the creative process. Does anyone have any thoughts on this particular topic in the context of artwork?

Water Colours – 280717

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to write a quick blog post and share a I know up card with you all. I had some miniature success over on Instagram when I shared the images in my previous post. 

I expressed my interest in making some greetings cards out of them and have a few positive comments. I’ve ordered a few different style cards from Amazon, but seeing as they’ll take a while to arrive and I was enthusiastic and excited about the idea I popped into town today and found a stall on Bury Market that sold what I was looking for in the ways of card making. And here we are! 

I’ve not set up a store or anything yet, as I’ve only got this one finished (my other paintings were too big for the windows, unfortunately) but as soon as I have a handful finished I’ll get something set up.



Water Colours – 270717

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 09.22.02

Good morning everyone,

I’m really pleased with these artistic offerings! They are the continuation of my previous post. As I mentioned in that post, finding a way for Watercolours to work for me hasn’t been easy – I think this is mostly because my experiences with Watercolours have been painting landscapes and trying to get things to look ‘realistic’ which is infinitely harder for me than finding ways to represent my ideas in a ‘broken down’ and more abstract/suggestive way.

I feel like doing a bit of a series of these and I think they would make really nice greetings cards. So I’m going to be looking into doing something like that with them. Maybe get a few different styles of cards and see how they look. Of course, this does bring out the usual stumbling block concerns for me. ‘How much do I sell them for? Do people guy greetings cards online? Where should I sell them? Should I try?’

I have this little ‘dream’ where I have a stall somewhere and sell to people face-to-face. Of course, I have limitations to this ‘dream’ right now as I am bringing up my son, but a weekend stall would be nice. So, I am thinking at the moment I have to stick to doing things online.

How does everyone know what to do when it comes to the ‘business’ aspect of their artwork? It’s the hardest part when compared to the creation of the artworks!

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 09.22.10

All I know is that I am being a bit overwhelmed by all the finished paintings I now have in the house and I should free up some space somehow!

While I was looking for some Watercolour paper, I found some little canvas boards, which is great as I thought I had ran out of canvas’ to experiment on. They’re only small, but I think some of the seashells and other objects I found in Sutton-on-Sea would work really nicely on them – so while I deliberate the questions I have about the cards, I shall do something with these small canvas.

I think this is the other issue I have with selling artwork. I don’t have one ‘thing’ that I could sell. I am a multi-potential artist. So many different focus’ under the umbrella of art.



Water Colour – 260717


Hello everyone~

I went to the top floor of the house today and saw my watercolours sitting on the table and I felt utterly guilty! I remember feeling somewhat dejected with them last time I tried them out and did a bit of thinking. Maybe it was the subject matter that I chose that made me feel deflated with them? I have it stuck in my mind that I ‘can’t do realism’ so maybe trying something realistic looking wasn’t a good idea!

Today, I thought about basic shapes and how I could really simplify things – and how I could make Water Colours work for me? They are a tricky medium but I feel that they could really work out for me, if I could just apply them better somehow?

So, I got stuck in and tried a few things. I thought about flowers and bright colours and things that made me happy! Mostly because it’s a miserable day and I’m going to be stuck inside while my son and I endure the downpours.

Here is the start of something new again – I’m going to use some fine-liners to add a few more details to the flowers when the paint has dried properly, but I wanted to show that I am still plugging away at all things art; especially now that my twitter account is gone. A choice that I made, so that I could focus more on my Patreon and Blog for sharing my art with the world.



Nature Abstract – 250717


I managed to get a this piece of artwork signed off today – as in, my signature has been put on it so there is no more work to go into it.

In the beginning I was all excited about being able to collage found objects and be able to get something natural into my paintings. I recall mentioning that I have always felt a bit guilty that I am not a more ‘outdoorsy’ person – the lure of technology has always had it’s hand over me more than is necessary, So when I came across the idea of putting things that I found while walking the dog, or pushing my son about in his pushchair, I was thrilled.

I still am in a sense. Overall, I am pleased that I managed to pull the idea off and not just get distracted by another idea or start a second painting in this ‘series’ without finishing this one – an all to real concern in my humble opinion – don’t get me wrong, I often have several paintings on the go at once, but I like to keep them to individual ideas, rather than letting one get swept away as another jolt of inspiration comes swooping in.

Also, in this painting is a colour I managed to pick up from the local Hobbycraft store, which I absolutely love! It’s called Pistachio and it’s a System 3, Daler Rowney. I picked it up from a box of paints that were on sale so I got it for a song too. I think it helps to bring a bit more light to the painting. I always feel a bit more ‘enlightened’ when I find a useful colour that I know I will use in future paintings.

The next image I have planned in this nature abstract series will involve some items that I managed to get from the beach while on vacation in Sutton on Sea, so I am hoping to create something with a bit more of a seaside feel to it.

Until next time