WIP – 060118


I had this small canvas sitting about the house for a while now; originally it has something else painted on it which was an experiment that went wrong – I was attempting something that wasn’t ‘me’ on the canvas originally and as such I got into a bit of a negative spiral with it and put it on the shelf for a good few months and didn’t go anywhere near it.

I plucked up the courage to paint over that I had originally done with Gesso and start over again – what I did like was how the small stones and the Gesso worked together, giving a great under texture for me to paint over.

Using the colours I originally had in mind, I thought of a different approach to what I was originally trying to achieve. This time I am a lot happier with how things are progressing. Which just goes to show even our ‘lost causes’ might not be as lost as we thought they were.

Bike Chain Update


I just wanted to show an update on one of my bigger paintings that I have going on.

My first showing of this image was purely a bike-chain on a piece of wood and me expressing my woes on being unable to get the chain to properly stick to the wooden surface correctly. I think in part this was due to my own stubbornness in cleaning the chain before I use it; but I would like to get some of the dirt and grease that’s been left on the chain into the painting too – I’m not really sure why!

I am happy to report, smothering the wood and chain surrounds in PVA glue worked a treat and I have little worries that the chain will be falling off (again) any time soon!

Today I managed to get the rest of the wood covered in Gesso for some texture and I shall be starting the painting in the near future – so all is good going so far. As always, I am looking forward to doing a bit more work on the painting and seeing what happens next.


WIP – 040118

I managed to get a bit of time in the studio today, which was great as I’ve not been able to get up there to check on how things dried after my last update, let alone to do any painting! I don’t know where the time goes!?

These are four really small canvas’ that I was brought as a present for Christmas. I’ve painted some backgrounds on them and am looking forward to playing with them some more. I think that’s the key point at the moment in finding my creative signature; playing. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. There is only so much ‘prep-work’ that can be done without just delving in and seeing what happens, right?


Which is where this canvas comes in! I saw this in Hobbycraft the other day and instantly had the basic forming of an idea for it – I am nowhere near my vision yet, but it’s a start! It’s also fun working on such a different shaped canvas. I am just hoping that I can pull off my idea without getting disheartened part way through – which is something that seems to happen a bit with me; maybe because I’ve not been at this style of art that long. I get to a certain point where everything seems to look a lot worse (to me) than when I first started, so I feel like giving up and a whole wave of “What’s the point?” comes over me. It’s a feeling and thought process that I am trying to overcome as over-thinking it generally damaging to the creative process. Does anyone have any thoughts on this particular topic in the context of artwork?

WIP – 301217

I found a bit of time this evening to get into the studio and actually start a few things off. Nothing to serious, as I had a bit of prepping to do of the Canvas’ that I found and were brought for Christmas.


I’ve not always been sure on how to get texture onto my canvas, even though I have tried a few things, nothing seems to have worked for my yet. So when I read about something called Gesso in The Artist Unique the other day I thought I should try it out – it might be the obvious choice to other artists but if you don’t know, then you don’t know.

So this evening was mostly spent splatting it onto the boards and canvas that I had and seeing how it turns out!


On my search I also remembered this board; which previously had a layer of blue and yellow on it with some small stones from the seaside; but it was this particular failed experiment that had me lamenting and cursing art! So I was more than happy to layer Gesso over it, mixing it with some PVA glue to see what would happen and rather then feeling like I need to have a good cry, I am excited to see how it turns out and what I can do with it.


The last of my WIP’s to share is this one; which has been a bit of a tricky customer too. I found a snapped bike-chain down the street earlier in the year and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to use it for something.

I’ve been struggling since trying to get it to stick properly on the board, so tonight I smothered the surrounds in PVA glue in the hopes that it’ll finally hold!

My plans are then to use more Gesso (which I feel a bit obsessed with now that I’ve found it) around the rest of the board and see where it takes me.

Also tonight I sorted out my paints into two boxes; one for my ‘Primary Palette’ and the other with my ‘I’ll use these once in a blue moon’ paint box. Building up on the idea of having my own personal colours that I touched on here.

Water Colour – 260717


Hello everyone~

I went to the top floor of the house today and saw my watercolours sitting on the table and I felt utterly guilty! I remember feeling somewhat dejected with them last time I tried them out and did a bit of thinking. Maybe it was the subject matter that I chose that made me feel deflated with them? I have it stuck in my mind that I ‘can’t do realism’ so maybe trying something realistic looking wasn’t a good idea!

Today, I thought about basic shapes and how I could really simplify things – and how I could make Water Colours work for me? They are a tricky medium but I feel that they could really work out for me, if I could just apply them better somehow?

So, I got stuck in and tried a few things. I thought about flowers and bright colours and things that made me happy! Mostly because it’s a miserable day and I’m going to be stuck inside while my son and I endure the downpours.

Here is the start of something new again – I’m going to use some fine-liners to add a few more details to the flowers when the paint has dried properly, but I wanted to show that I am still plugging away at all things art; especially now that my twitter account is gone. A choice that I made, so that I could focus more on my Patreon and Blog for sharing my art with the world.





Hi everyone

Just a quick update this one. A background that I came up with today that I’m still searching for inspiration for on what to put on top of it! But I am sure I’ll come up with something fun and interesting soon.

I’m still thinking about my nature piece as well. So maybe when I get the idea for one, the other will come along too.


Searching my Feelings


Hi everyone

Seeing as I’ve put my Nature Image to the side for the time being, I decided to try and do something different. Sort of. I repeated a process of working that I enjoyed the first time around, but this time I wanted to actually think about something more personal and see if that was reflected in what came out. I think it certainly had an impact on what I was doing and the choices of colour I picked.

Since the birth of my son, my body has naturally changed and this is something that I have struggled with a lot. A part of me knows that I should embrace my scars and love what they represent; but at the same time, I hate the way I look now; especially when I try some of my old clothes on and they don’t fit or hang the way they used too. Or worse, cling to the parts of me that will never be the same again.

So, I wanted to paint something that would bring out these feelings in a visual way. The image is what came out – or the Work in Progress of it at any rate. The painting is now drying and needs to be signed off, but I think its more or less finished. I might do some touch up work on a few spots that I don’t like the look of; regardless, I’ll share the finished results with you as soon as I can get outside and photograph it properly. (It’s been a bit rainy today)